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Acronyms and Abbreviations

~T - Inverse Temperature
~AFR - Inverse Air Fuel Ratio
#/Hr - Pounds per Hour
ABS - Anti-lock Braking System
A/C - Air Conditioning
ADC - Analog to Digital Converter
AE - Acceleration Enrichment
AFPR - Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
AFR - Air Fuel Ratio
AIR - Air Injection Reactor
ATDC - After Top Dead Center
ALDL - Assembly Line Diagnostic Link
BARO - Barometric Pressure
BBC - Big Block Chevy
BBL - Barrel
BCM - Body Control Module
BDC - Bottom Dead Center
BIN - Binary
BLM - Block Learn Multiplier (long term fuel trim)
BSFC - Brake Specific Fuel Consumption
BPC - Base Pulse Constant
BPW - Base Pulse Width
BTDC - Before Top Dead Center
CAFE - Corporate Average Fuel Economy
CARB - California Air Resources Board
C - Celsius
CAT - Catalytic Converter
CAT-CON - Catalytic Converter
CCI - Computer Controlled Ignition
CCP - Charcoal Cannister Purge
CDI - Capacitive Discharge Ignition
CEL - Check Engine Light
CFI - Cross-Fire Injection
CLT - Closed Loop Term (fueling correction)
CNP - Coil Near Plug
CTS - Coolant Temperature Sensor
dTPS - Delta Throttle Position Sensor
dMAP - Delta Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
DC - Duty Cycle
DE - Deceleration Enleanment (opposite of AE)
DFCO - Decel Fuel Cut Off
DIS - Distributorless Ignition System
DRP - Distributor Reference Pulse
EBL - EmBedded Lockers system
ECM - Engine Control Module
ECT - Engine Coolant Temperature
EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EGT - Exhaust Gas Temperature
EPROM - Eraseable Programmable Read-only Memory
ESC - Electronic Spark Control, knock detection & retard
EST - Electronic Spark Timing, SA control
F - Fahrenheit
FAR - Fuel Air Ratio
FPR - Fuel Pressure Regulator
Ft/Lb - Foot Pounds (torque)
GPS - Grams Per Second
Gms/Sec - Grams per Second
HEI - High Energy Ignition
HP - Horse Power
HYST - Hysteresis
IAC - Idle Air Control (an actuator)
IAT - Intake Air Temperature (sensor)
INT - Integrator (short term fuel trim)
Km - KiloMeters
Km/L - Kilometers per Litre
KPa - KiloPascals
KPH - Kilometers Per Hour
LDA - Lobe Displacement Angle (camshaft, same as LSA)
LM - Launch Mode
LSA - Lobe Separation Angle (camshaft, same as LDA)
LV8 - Load Variable, 8-bit
LV16 - Load Variable, 16-bit
MAF - Mass Air Flow
MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure
MAT - Manifold Air Temperature (sensor)
MPG - Miles Per Gallon
MPH - Miles Per Hour
MPFI - Multi Port Fuel Injection
mSec - milli-Seconds (.001 second)
NB - Narrow Band O2 sensor
N-Alpha - RPM & Throttle position for load
N/V - Ratio of  Engine speed (N) to Vehicle Speed (V)
O2 - Oxygen Sensor value
P/S - Power Steering
PA3 - Knock Counts (PA3 is the name of the ECM counter)
PCM - Powertrain Control Module
PCV - Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PE - Power Enrichment (see WOT)
PPH - Pounds Per Hour
PROM - Programmable Read-only Memory
PSI - Pounds per Square Inch
PW - Pulse Width
PWM - Pulse Width Modulation
RPM - Revolutions Per Minute
SA - Spark Advance
SBC - Small Block Chevy
SD - Speed Density
SES - Service Engine Soon
TACH - Tachometer
TBI - Throttle Body Injection
TCC - Torque Converter Clutch
TCM - Transmission Control Module
TDC - Top Dead Center
TF - Throttle Follower (IAC function)
TPS - Throttle Position Sensor
TSA - total spark advance
uSec - micro-Seconds (.000001 seconds)
UEGO - Universal Exhaust Gas Oxygen sensor (a WB unit)
VAC - Vacuum
VAFPR - Vacuum Adjusted Fuel Pressure Regulator
VATS - Vehicle Anti-theft System
VE - Volumetric Efficiency
VRFPR - Vacuum Referenced Fuel Pressure Regulator
VSS - Vehicle Speed Sensor
WB - Wide Band O2 sensor 
WOT - Wide Open Throttle (see PE)
WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get

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